Looking after my baby

How do I look after a baby with cow’s milk allergy?

If you’ve gone through the diagnosis process with your doctor, and found that your baby has cow’s milk allergy, you’ll now be able to get on with managing their food allergy.

In this section, you’ll find out how your doctor might advise you to feed your little one, including which baby formulas and cow’s milk protein-free products are generally recommended for cow's milk allergy and which are not. There are also some handy tips on weaning your infant onto solid foods as they get older. If you're still waiting for an accurate diagnosis for your baby's symptoms, or have just started your baby on a dairy-free diet and are waiting for all the signs and symptoms to disappear, take a look at some advice on what else you can do to help your baby feel more comfortable in the meantime. Finding out that your baby has a food allergy may mean some changes to your family life at home, so find out what advice there is for parents like you. Finally, you’re not alone in caring for a child with cow’s milk allergy, so read about what TV mum Jennifer Ellison has to say about how she overcame the challenge of having a baby with cow's milk allergy.

Which foods contain cow’s milk protein?