Real-life stories

red ribbon cmaRead some real-life stories and find out about other mum’s experiences with having a baby with cow’s milk allergy

Relentless crying

With Lily’s constant crying and blotchy skin Sarah knew something was wrong, but it wasn’t until events took a turn for the worse that a diagnosis of cow’s milk allergy was made.

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Dry, scaly skin

Alice tried many ways to relieve Maiya of her discomfort, but it wasn’t until a GP diagnosed cow’s milk allergy and prescribed an extensively hydrolysed formula that things started to improve.

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Colic, reflux, rash

Cathy’s relationship with her partner was put to the test under the strain of dealing with Abby’s cow’s milk allergy symptoms.

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Vomiting and watery stools

Ruby was treated for reflux but Jaime-Lee persevered until her daughter was eventually diagnosed with cow’s milk allergy.

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Classic colic symptoms

Feeding Freddie was always a traumatic experience for Sharon, until his allergy to cow’s milk was picked up by their health visitor.

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Anaphylactic shock

Tedd’s cow’s milk allergy was so severe that he went into anaphylactic shock and was rushed to hospital with his mum Donna.

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