Real-life stories

Anaphylactic shock

What symptoms did your child experience?

“Tedd started getting really bad eczema at about 6 weeks old but this was put down to infantile eczema by healthcare professionals. Tedd was breastfed from birth but at 3 months old we tried him on a normal infant formula in an attempt to start combined feeding; but a rash appeared around his mouth almost instantly.

I tried him with some normal formula again at 6 months old as no real problem or allergy had been diagnosed at this point. After having the milk, I noticed that a rash and hives around his mouth were getting worse. He became very drowsy, his breathing was wheezy and his saliva was quite thick. At this point I rushed him straight to the doctor.

On first inspection the doctor suggested we try him with antihistamines but then realised he was in anaphylactic shock as his mouth was swollen and he was becoming very distressed. Tedd was given a shot of adrenalin and we were taken to the hospital by ambulance where we stayed overnight in case of a secondary reaction. It was a very scary and worrying experience.”

What was your experience of the diagnosis process?

“After many appointments with various specialists we have found out he has a grade 4 allergy to cow’s milk, as well as a grade 3 allergy to wheat and gluten (the highest being a grade 6).”

What is life like now?

“My mother, my eldest daughter and I have all been trained in how to use an adrenaline injection pen and we now carry two everywhere in case of an emergency.

Shopping and being around other people is always a struggle due to Tedd’s multiple allergies, but most of our friends and family are aware which helps. My 14 and 9 year old daughters understand how dangerous Tedd’s allergies can be and are also very careful.

Tedd still suffers from bad eczema, which the dermatologist feels is still food related. He's on many creams and is wet wrapped. We are on an on-going journey and are learning new ways to deal with Tedd’s condition with the help of experts.”

Do you have any advice for other parents?