Real-life stories

Colic, reflux, rash

What symptoms did your child experience?

“Colic, reflux, rash, stomach cramps, excessive intense crying, vomiting, diarrhoea, mucus in stools. Every day was a struggle watching my newborn in pain and discomfort; and being unable to do anything about it. Our eldest daughter (nearly 2 years of age) recognised her new baby sister as a baby that cried all the time and became jealous very quickly as a lot of our time was being spent comforting Abby. It also put a lot of strain on my relationship with my partner, which made it a very difficult time.

Unfortunately my doctor wasn’t very aware of the symptoms of a milk allergy and as a result Abby was given medication for reflux, a number of colic remedies and antibiotics for the rash.”

What was your experience of the diagnosis process ?

“At 6 weeks old, after numerous trips to the doctor with nothing working and another bout of screaming, we took her to out-of-hours clinic one night. The doctor at the clinic sent us to the Paediatric Assessment Unit at the hospital. Abby was diagnosed with cow’s milk allergy within 30 minutes based on her symptoms. We were kept in hospital for a few days for Abby's symptoms to calm down.”

What advice were you given to help manage the allergy?

“The paediatric doctors at our local hospital and our health visitor first of all recommended an extensively hydrolysed formula. Then Abby's dietitian recommended an amino acid-based formula as Abby was still having some symptoms.”

What is life like now?

“Abby no longer has daily screaming episodes. She is more content and settled, allowing us spare time to spend with our eldest daughter. We no longer argue as a couple due to the added pressure from having a very unhappy baby. Our children are able to interact with each other without our eldest becoming anxious that Abby will start crying. Abby doesn’t seem to be in pain anymore and overall is a happier baby.”

Do you have any advice for other parents?

Trust your instincts we knew