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Dry, scaly skin

What symptoms did your child experience?

“When my daughter turned 8 days old she started to scream constantly for hours after her evening bottle. Nothing would console her. She developed big red spots all over her face and her face felt very scaly. All the skin on her face, especially her eyebrows were extremely dry and it almost looked like she had cradle cap in her eyebrows. Maiya was also very constipated, she would go a week without having a bowel movement and when she did go, she would be in agony. She also had very bad reflux.

Before Maiya was diagnosed, I changed her formula milk to soya milk as I thought maybe she was just allergic to cow's milk. I also had to give her medicines for her bellyaches, but they only relieved her symptoms for a very short time.

The symptoms had a big effect on our day-to-day life. I knew I couldn't take her out anywhere around tea time as she would be in a lot of pain and would constantly cry. It had a big effect on me and made me very upset because I knew my child was in a lot of pain but nothing I tried relieved the pain or made her feel better. Some of my family members also struggled to bond with my daughter at first as the only person she would eventually stop crying for was me.”

What was your experience of the diagnosis process?

“I first visited my daughter’s doctor when she was about 2 weeks old. The doctor thought my daughter was fine as her tummy wasn't hard so she couldn't be constipated and said she wasn't sure why she was getting the spots on her face. After visiting the doctor about twice a week for around 5 weeks my daughter was referred to a paediatrician. We had the paediatrician appointment when she was 10 weeks old, so it was 8 weeks after I originally took her to the doctors.”

What advice were you given to help manage the allergy?

“Pretty much as soon as I told the paediatrician my daughter’s symptoms he told me she had a cow's milk protein and soya allergy and prescribed me an extensively hydrolysed formula. 

I gave my daughter her first bottle of an extensively hydrolysed formula at about 5pm. By the next morning she had a normal baby’s bowel movement and everything improved from there onwards. Within 2 weeks the spots and dry skin on her face had disappeared, she no longer had any belly aches and was having regular, normal bowel movements. She was like a different baby.”

What is life like now?

“Using an extensively hydrolysed formula has made a massive difference to my daughter; she's a happy little girl again. It was amazing for me as a mother as I no longer had to see my baby in pain anymore. The family members that hadn't managed to bond with my daughter have seen a massive difference in her and started to spend a lot more time with her. Since starting my daughter on the new formula life is a lot easier for us both and a lot less stressful.”

Do you have any advice for other parents?

If you suspect your child