Real-life stories

Vomiting and watery stools

What symptoms did your child experience?

“I knew something was wrong when Ruby was 2 weeks old. She was crunched up in agony and crying with pain. She also had reflux, vomiting and watery stools so I took her to the doctor A week later she had blood in her stools; but when I returned to the doctor she was treated for reflux.”

What was your experience of the diagnosis process?

“My health visitor was amazing, she didn’t make me feel like I was being a fussy mum and told me to take one of Ruby’s nappies to the doctor’s appointment to show Ruby’s watery stools.

When Ruby was six weeks old the health visitor referred her to the paediatric ward at the local hospital as her symptoms showed no improvement. Whilst in hospital, Ruby gave stool samples which led to a final diagnosis of cow’s milk allergy. Ruby was prescribed a special formula milk by the paediatrician and was also diagnosed with soya and gluten allergies.

Ruby was put on an extensively hydrolysed formula milk which helped immensely. I saw an instant improvement in her health, which was such a relief.”

What is life like now?

“I make a lot of meals from scratch, freezing them and using them as and when. It takes four days to prepare a month’s worth of dairy-free meals. When Ruby goes to parties I take her own food and at the moment she doesn’t know any different. Ruby is also starting to understand her allergy and if she is given a new food she asks if it has milk in it, which is great. I always make sure I tell people who look after Ruby that she has the allergy and I carry snacks around with me that she can have. I also check the labels on everything as there’s a lot of hidden milk in products. For example, bread has milk in it so Ruby can't have sandwiches”.

Do you have any advice for other parents?

Dont give up someone