Useful downloads

Whether you’re finding out about cow’s milk allergy for the first time, in the middle of the diagnosis process for your baby, or are learning how to manage it, download these useful materials to help you on your way. 


Factsheet: What is cow’s milk allergy?

A quick and handy guide with all the key facts on this food allergy.

Is it cow's milk allergy?


Cow’s milk allergy questionnaire

If you suspect that your baby might have cow’s milk allergy, here are some questions to think about before visiting your doctor, so you can help him/her pinpoint the right diagnosis for your little one.

CMA Questionnaire


A parent’s guide to cow’s milk allergy: Could my baby have cow’s milk allergy?

This booklet is written for parents and carers who are concerned that their baby might have cow’s milk allergy. It explains what cow’s milk allergy is, how it is diagnosed and how it is managed.

A parent's guide to CMA


Symptoms diary

Use this handy template to help you track your baby’s symptoms and behaviours to see if he/she might have an allergic reaction to cow’s milk protein.

Symptoms diary


Which foods contain cow’s milk protein?

Whether you’re weaning your baby onto solid foods for the first time, or you’ve just had a cow’s milk allergy diagnosis for an older child, here’s a useful guide on both obvious and hidden sources of cow’s milk protein to look out for when you’re planning and shopping for meals.

Which foods contain cow’s milk protein?