Useful organisations

If you have any questions or concerns about cow’s milk allergy and can’t find the answers on this website, take a look at some other trusted organisations that provide useful information on this food allergy. And of course, always speak with your healthcare professional for more advice.


allergy uk logo

The leading national charity dedicated to supporting allergy sufferers in the UK, with services including a helpline, support network and online forum.


NHS Choices

Information from the NHS on food allergies, food intolerances and colic, including the symptoms, causes, diagnosis, living with them and treatment.



You can download fact sheets containing information on healthy eating & lifestyle, medical conditions, babies, children & pregnancy, weight loss, detoxing & health claims and nutrients in food, for further advice on making sure your baby gets enough nutrition in their diet.



Information about the Food Standards Agency’s work on food allergy and intolerance, including advice and alerts on food labelling in the UK.



A UK charity providing information and support for those at risk of severe allergic reactions (called anaphylaxis).


anaphylaxis ireland

A national charity raising awareness of severe allergy (anaphylaxis) and providing support to people and their families.



A UK charity providing information and resources to improve the quality of life of people with eczema.

Information about infant or baby colic, including advice for parents on the signs, symptoms and treatment for it.


Living with reflux

A UK charity providing information and resources on reflux in infants.


cma support

A small UK charity run by parents, for parents of babies and children with food allergies and intolerances.


Nas logo

An alliance of professional organisations highlighting the need for allergy services and improving access to allergy treatment and information.


Allergy ni logo

A local charity in Northern Ireland supporting individuals and families with serious and potentially life threatening allergies through education, information and support.