Anaphylaxis, or anaphylactic shock, is a severe symptom of an allergy and can be life threatening.

Anaphylaxis usually occurs suddenly after exposure to the allergen and quickly gets worse. Symptoms include:

Swelling of the tongue or throat, difficulty in swallowing or speaking, wheezing, persistent cough or severe asthma, dizziness, collapse of loss of consciousness (floppiness in babies), fast heartbeat, clammy skin, itchy, raised rash, feeling or being sick, stomach pain.

If you suspect anaphylaxis you should call for an ambulance immediately.

This step by step guide will walk you through the typical process of recognising cow’s milk allergy to getting a possible diagnosis and the dietary management that may follow. Find out how this site can support you along the whole journey.

Remember to always speak to a healthcare professional (HCP) if you are worried about your baby’s health.

Get immediate medical help in the event of severe symptoms such as anaphylaxis.

Find out more about cow’s milk allergy and how to recognise the potential symptoms.

If you have worries or questions at any stage, speak to a healthcare professional.